About Us

WaveWalker Design is all about Creativity that stands out. A place where Artistic Skill and Creative Talent start with a blank sheet of paper, a simple idea, or a sketch on a napkin. We craft ideas into powerful messages and unique images that produce results.

Created by Jim Drake in April of 2000, WaveWalker Design provides Creative Solutions to any Idea our clients may have that needs to be brought to life with an image that stands out. Graphic Design, Advertising, Web Design or any project that comes your way, we can help with.

Our focus is not about winning Advertising or Design awards (even though we have won many). Rather, our focus is on working with our clients and helping them succeed. The creative and strategic thinking we provide improve the image of any product or service. But more importantly, we help produce results. We believe that creating a consistent image that builds a brand is key to providing Advertising and Graphic Design solutions that work.

Our goal for every project is to work with our clients to provide extraordinary, creative solutions that are on time and on budget. In other words we work together to provide fresh concepts and design solutions that stand out from the crowd and the competition, at a cost that is agreeable to all.

If you’re ready to stand out, come, take a step out of the ordinary.