Tradesmen International Website

Tradesmen International is a construction labor solutions company with more than 170 offices around North America. Their website needed to be robust, expandable, and user friendly. We worked in tandem with the client’s IT department and our SEO partner to provide the client with a custom designed responsive website that that utilizes a drag-and-drop interface allowing designated employees to easily make updates and create new content. The website ties seamlessly into Google Analytics and PPC ad campaigns, and forms a bridge between the campaigns and the proprietary lead distribution back end. The form system brings tens of thousands of dollars in business to the company daily.

Some custom features of the site include:

  • Dynamic header graphics that change to welcome visitors redirected from an acquired company
  • Home page imagery changes depending on what the user saw on previous visit
  • Dynamic PPC landing page that displays closest local office information based on Google/Bing information
  • Form and landing page systems that handle traffic between users, PPC ad campaigns, and the proprietary logistics back end

See it here…